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We love making websites that help businesses grow. We use the robust Python Django Framework, and an excellent Content Management System called Wagtail, which work together to make it easy to keep your site SEO friendly. You'll never have to wait to update your copy, you can simply log in and make the changes yourself using Wagtail's amazing built-in rich-text editor.

If you don't like how the sections are ordered, you can even use the visual stream editor to move them around a bit, or give articles you write a unique custom look, embedding videos, images, documents, or other content. If you can build a tower with Lego, you'll be able to use this.

At Blistering Developers, we write software to make time matter.

That means we focus on making pages faster; fast execution, and fast delivery.

We host on our own custom hardware. We love speed, and we spend far more time than is healthy benchmarking, monitoring and optimizing our servers, in order to eek every last drop of performance possible.

Search engines are finally starting to favour fast websites because they have learned that users don't like long page loads. We've known this for over 20 years, and you can use our experience to your advantage. Did you notice how quickly this page loaded? We want to give that experience to your customers, too.


Fast Page Guarantee

The importance of a website being timely

Google, amoung other companies, have ways to benchmark your website's user experience. They use the score they get from this as part of their algorithm to decide whether your site appears on page 10, or page 1 of their search results. If you and a competitor scored the same everywhere else, the page that loaded faster will win the coveted higher-ranked spot. Google's research has shown them that users don't like being kept waiting. By ranking faster loading websites higher, they act in their customer's best interests by giving them a better internet experience. Happier, less frustrated customers, are more likely to keep coming back to their search engine, so their business benefits enormously from this practice.

Optimizing websites for speed, however, can be a bit technical and very time-consuming. This is why it's often ignored by web developers who are more interested in the bottom line. Many customers don't even know how critically important speed is, so they remain blissfully ignorant to all the potential business they've lost as well. They will see higher bounce rates and abandoned carts, and fewer sign-ups and conversions in their analytics, but it won't be obvious to them what it could have been otherwise. The BBC did some research on this and found that every second longer they took to deliver their content, they lost 10% of users. To us at Blistering Developers, this is a horrifying statistic, and if you're not worried about your website's page speed, you should be! All is not lost, though. Coming from a systems engineering background we believe that being able to deliver a fast website doesn't have to be something only large, well-funded companies can afford. With an efficient optimization-centric development process, coupled with speed-focused customized servers, we can still provide the speed ups large sites can enjoy for a much lower cost. With page speed as a core tenet of our web design and hosting philosophy, our goal is to produce blisteringly fast websites that knock your reader's socks off.

We are so confident in our ability to keep your site revved up to deliver on-demand, that we're willing to guarantee it. If you decide to build and host with us, we guarantee to get and maintain an 80+ Google PageSpeed Insights score on our Silver plan, 90+ score for our Gold plan, and an industry-leading 95+ on our Platinum plan. We'll keep abreast of technological advances your site could benefit from, and automatically upgrade your site to take advantage of it, as part of your monthly hosting fee and our guarantee.

To see how your current site stacks up, enter your website address here: Google PageSpeed Insights

The holy grail for PageSpeed:


Obviously there is a trade-off for speed, so perfect scores are going to be more difficult the more action-packed your site is, but the higher we can get the better your site will rank.


As a necessary requirement for being fast, we put a lot of emphasis on using proven algorithms, or developing our own, to do the job efficiently.

If something is repeatable, it can become a process, and you can take advantage of the time benefit of automation.

If you have a real-world processing problem, and are looking for an efficient improvement, contact us, and we might be able to help develop algorithms to suit your needs. It can be in traffic management, manufacturing processes, logistics, data analysis, capture and sharing - many problems can be solved with the appropriate use of algorithms.

Our philosophy of automation naturally leads us to believe that the future of technology is going to be heavily driven by data and AI.

This includes the simple AI that will be a part of the Internet of Things revolution (IoT), as well as the more complex AI that is used in markets, and data processing.

We use this knowledge to drive our research, and experiment with internal projects to develop new technologies.

Any project you take with us will benefit from this research.


Attracted to the bleeding edge, we have a deep interest in the advent of Bitcoin and Blockchain technology.

If you are interested in building secure bitcoin applications, or want to know how it can help your specific organization, we can help. We have written open source tools and contributed to the bitcoin ecosystem, and we expect the blockchain to play a big part in future of the IoT.

At Blistering Developers, one of our core products are scripts to make things faster

If you regularly spend time on a repetitive computer task, such as collecting or formatting data, we can usually turn what might take hours into a few seconds and save you potentially hundreds of hours every year. Granted, not everything can be sped up, but if it's possible, we can create an algorithm and write a script for you to automate it.


When not actively engaged on an external project, we stare intently at the screen, contemplating life's ups and downs while sipping orange flavoured hot chocolate. Much of the time, we'll be wondering how we could write software to help. Sometimes, we'll hear about new software and we'll decide to spend some time learning about what makes it special.

This has led us to become quite good at benchmarking things. We like to know what's faster because we believe efficiency is at the heart of fast computing and lower costs. If you have complex systems which you want to speed up or are troubled by bottlenecks you'd like a fresh pair of eyes on, get in touch and we'd be glad to help.