At Blistering Developers, we write software to make time matter.

That means we focus on making things faster; fast execution, and fast delivery.

In business, time is money, and speed is king. Slow or sluggish software means lost sales and customers. If you have an existing business, we can speedup and optimize your web product, so that you never lose a customer due to a slow page load.

We can also design and build high quality custom SaaS products and data-analysis applications, for prototyping or production, maximizing automation along the whole stream. Through automation, you'll spend less time on repetitive tasks, and more time thinking up new ways to help your service grow.

As a necessary requirement for being fast, we put a lot of emphasis on using proven algorithms, or developing our own, to do the job efficiently.

If something is repeatable, it can become a process, and you can take advantage of the time benefit of automation.

If you have a real-world processing problem, and are looking for an efficient improvement, contact us, and we might be able to help develop algorithms to suit your needs. It can be in traffic management, manufacturing processes, logistics, data analysis, capture and sharing - many problems can be solved with the appropriate use of algorithms.

Our philosophy of automation naturally leads us to believe that the future of technology is going to be heavily driven by data and AI.

This includes the simple AI that will be a part of the Internet of Things revolution (IoT), as well as the more complex AI that is used in markets, and data processing.

We use this knowledge to drive our research, and experiment with internal projects to develop new technologies.

Any project you take with us will benefit from this research.

Attracted to the bleeding edge, we have a deep interest in the advent of Bitcoin and Blockchain technology.

If you are interested in building secure bitcoin applications, or want to know how it can help your specific organization, we can help. We have written open source tools and contributed to the bitcoin ecosystem, and we expect the blockchain to play a big part in future of the IoT.

At Blistering Developers, one of our core products are scripts to make things faster

If you regularly spend time on a repetitive computer task, such as collecting or formatting data, we can usually turn what might take hours into a few seconds and save you potentially hundreds of hours every year. Granted, not everything can be sped up, but if it's possible, we can create an algorithm and write a script for you to automate it.

When not actively engaged on an external project, we have several internal projects on the go, to hone our skills, and develop new technologies.

We can also work on directed software reseach projects you may have funding for, but need to outsource the research itself.